FJ Cruiser PIA Front Bumper Off Road Light Kit 07-2014

Item# PIA-5298
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This New PIAA Driving/Fog Lamp Kit was designed specifically for the Toyota FJ Cruiser to significantly enhance the vehicle's appearance and add functionality for both On and Off Road. The Toyota FJ Cruiser Driving/Fog Lamp Kit includes everything needed for a(Do-It-Yourself) quick and easy installation; including two of PIAA's famous 520 series lamps, brackets, hardware, harness, switch, relay, fuse and instructions.

The PIAA 520 series lamps are simply the best combination of style and performance in it's class. The light beam penetrates rain, fog, dust, and snow without bouncing back into the drivers eyes to dramatically enhance visibility while driving in any road or weather conditions. This PIAA Driving/Fog Lamp Kit is a MUST HAVE for all Toyota FJ Cruiser owners who are looking for style, performance and safety!