FJ Cruier Pro Comp Motorsports Series Lights 9"

Item# EXP-9911
**Motorsports Series 9" Round Biolight by Pro Comp

**Long lasting H11 55 watt bulb

**99,000 candlepower

**All glass lens

**Clear stealth plastic lens guard

**Highly polished reflector

**High impact ABS housing

H11 Quartz Technology - 9 round competition lens and housing specifications match the 9900 series with out the HID price. Features an extremely long lasting H11 55 watt bulb which provides the output of a 100 watt light with 4.6 amperage draw. 99,000 candela. All glass lens with a clear stealth plastic lens guard included, highly polished reflector, high impact ABS housing.

Wiring harness sold separately.