FJ Cruiser ICON Stage 6 Suspension System 07-2014

Item# ICON-53046
This Stage 6 System for the 2007 - 2014 FJ Cruiser is the best over all handling bolt on suspension system you can install. This system incorporates all of the suspension products we make for the FJ. It will handle any terrain you can throw at it. The ride quality on the street is unsurpassed and the performance offroad is incredible. The Front Remote Reservoir Coil-over shocks give the FJ's Front suspension longevity and great heat dissipation through any terrain you try cross. Match these with the rear Piggyback shocks and coil-springs, along with the Billet Upper Arms and Billet Lower Links. You have the best after market suspension system, by far, for the 2007-2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Recommended tire size 285/75R16, wheel 16X8 with 5" back spacing.

Stage 6 System Contents

* 58550 - Billet Upper Control Arm Kit

* 58745 - Remote Reservoir Extended Travel Coil-over Shock Kit

* 52700 - 2" Lift Rear Coil-spring Kit

* 57710 x 2 - ICON VS Series Rear PiggyBack Reservoir Shocks

* 54000 - Billet Aluminum Lower Rear Trailing Arm Kit

* 54100 - Billet Aluminum Upper Rear Trailing Arm Kit

* 54200 - Rear Adjustable Pan-Rod Bar Kit