FJ Cruiser T/C Upper Control Arms W/Heim Joints 07-2014

Item# TC-96504H
FJ CruisersTC has expanded its upper control arm product line for FJ. It will now include stock length replacement upper control arms & TC long travel system control arms that are designed to replace traditional pivots that use urethane bushings with Teflon lined adjustable heim joints. Direct feedback supplied from customers that combine aftermarket drop down bracket systems with aftermarket coil over shock upgrades and spacer lift kits say it is nearly impossible to retain the factory alignment with direct replacements. This leads to uneven tire wear and results in poor on and off road handling. These heim pivot upper control arms provide additional camber adjustability sometimes needed to retain the factory alignment specs. The tubular heim upper control arms maintain all the same benefits of the original TC UCA with added caster built into their design. These UCA are shipped pre set at factory control arm specs.

Features: Stock length chromoly tubing replacement upper control arms Designed to add caster required when vehicles have been lifted. Needed to retain factory alignment specs. Heim pivots allow more adjustability that is sometimes required when multiple lifts have been installed UCA are shipped pre set at factory specs. Only qualified technicians should adjust these parts.