FJ Cruiser Supercharger 2010-2014

Item# TRD-2010-2013-SC
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Supercharger Assembly AND fit kit combo.


FIT KIT... (PTR29-35120)

The TRD internally intercooled supercharger package is one way to get there, with 304 horsepower at 5400 rpm and 334 pound-feet at 3600 (gains of 68 horsepower and pound-feet) on nominal boost of six to eight psi. Roots-type rotating components in a one piece integral manifold. Water-to-air intercooler system with a custom low temperature radiator (LTR) reduces inlet temperatures for maximum power output. High flow fuel injectors. Iridium spark plugs. Boost pressure 5-6 psi.

Notes: ALL 4.0L V6. NOTE: Verify the OE calibration before installing the supercharger kit.