FJ Cruiser ARB Awning 2000 07-2014

Item# ARB_814404
Simple to install and operate, these retractable awnings fit on to the side of various roof racks, and are conveniently stored for immediate use on arrival. Great for tailgating, camping, all your outdoor activities. Specifically designed for harsh outback conditions, the awnings are rugged but lightweight, and offer quick and instant protection from the elements.

Customer feedback has still shown a desire to fit the larger awning to vehicles with short racks and for this reason, the shorter 2000 ARB Touring Awning has been redesigned to extend out an additional 1.3 ft to a total 8.2 ft, offering almost 20% more undercover area.

Testing of the new ARB 814404 awning showed that the extra length out from the vehicle offered a more versatile use of undercover space with the ability to place items such as chairs and tables away from the vehicle as well as offering additional protection from the elements for tables or tents which are often set up out beneath an awning.

Light kit now included