FJ Cruiser Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator 07-2013

Item# HYP-730108

*Recalibrate for Larger Tires *Recalibrate for Gear Changes *Simple Plug 'n Play Operation for most vehicles *Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) *Your Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator is backed by a *Lifetime Warranty

Description Changing tire and gear sizes can have an adverse effect on your speedometer and odometer readings. To correct this, Hypertech has assembled some of the best features from their series of programmers and tuners into one stand-alone unit. Engineered to recalibrate your speedometer and odometer by just plugging it into the OBDII port under your dash, just plug in, select your tire size and/or gear ratio and in a matter of minutes you will have accurate speedometer and odometer readings again.

In addition, Hypertech's Speedometer Calibrator programmers have the ability to read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) or "check engine" lights.

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