FJ Cruiser Fourtreks Camcorder Mount

Select Tubing Diameter: 
Fits tubing diameters 1" through 2 3/8". Also fits 3/4" square tubing as well.

This kit allows you to mount your camcorder or camera on your roll cage on a vertical or horizontal tube of your choice. With one twist of the handle your camcorder can be adjusted 360 degrees in the horizontal plain and 180 degrees in the vertical plain. Included is our standard modular billet aluminum clamp ring, billet aluminum camera adapter, adjustable camcorder mount assembly and all the necessary stainless steel hardware. Available for many popular roll bar diameters. GoPro Camera not included! Second mount not included.

The camcorder adapter has three different threaded holes in it that allow camcorder assembly to be mounted on both vertical and horizontal tubes of your cage. The third postion(not shown) allows you to mount the camcorder assembly on a horizontal tube with triangle adapter laying flat. Also, the adapter is black anodized for good looks and to cut down reflection on your windshield when mounted on the dash bar. Picture to the left shows two positions the mount can be used. This product will work perfect for a GoPro camera.