FJ Cruiser Icon Rear Hydraulic Air Bump Stop System

Item# ICON-56104
ICON Vehicle Dynamics now offers a bolt-in Hydraulic Bump Stop Kit for the 2007 to current Toyota FJ Cruiser. This kit reduces rear-end “kick” and helps to improve the overall offroad performance of the vehicle. The OEM rubber bumpstops have a limited energy absorption capacity that is released rather uncontrollably upon rebound, resulting in a harsh ride and ill-handling vehicle in rough terrain. The ICON Hydraulic Bump Stops are velocity sensitive which means that the amount of energy absorbed increases the faster they are engaged, so those harsh g-outs and square edges are less likely to interrupt your offroad adventures. Vehicles equipped with the ICON Hydraulic Bump Stop Kit will have an increased bottom-out resistance over stock, as well as an improved drivability offroad. This kit installs easily inside the coil, and the bump stops are fully rebuildable with the ability to be tuned for a custom ride. With a simple installation, proven effectiveness, and no loss in travel there is no reason not to bolt up the ICON Vehicle Dynamics Hydraulic Bump Stop Kit to your ride and experience the difference. Key Features:

• Hydraulic / pneumatic bump stop increases bump energy capacity

• Velocity sensitive bump stop increases the amount of energy absorbed the faster it is hit

• Reduces rear end kick and improves overall performance

• Increased bottom resistance over stock

• No loss in travel

• Easy installation inside coil

• Pre-tuned for most users Bumpstop Features:

• Linear-digressive piston which compliment a bumpstop over the industry standard linear-linear piston. Infinite tuning options with valve stack, oil volume, and nitrogen pressure adjustments

• CAD Plated body for corrosion free service• Urethane rod seal and wiper for long service life• User serviceableTech Info:

• Install time 1 hour

System Components Included:

• (Qty - 2) 1.75" travel 2.0 hydraulic air bump stops

• (Qty - 2) Vehicle specific 2.0 bump stop mounts

• (Qty - 2) Bump stop striker pads• Necessary hardware• Installation instructions