FJ Cruiser ICON Stage 1 Suspension System - 07-2014

Item# K53051
This is our entry level suspension system for the 2007-2014 FJ Cruiser. This system works well in most on and off-road scenarios. Our front coil-over shocks and tuned specifically to give your FJ great ride quality on and off the road. The rear shocks in the system are tuned to match the front coil-over shocks in every aspect and the 2" Lift coil-springs are slightly firmer to help with the ride quality and handling as well as to support the addition on any necessary gear or equipment. Recommended tire size 285/75R16, wheel 16X8 with 5" back spacing.

Stage 1 System Contents

* 58640 - Standard Travel Adjustable Coil-over Shock Kit

* 52700 - 2" Lift Rear Coil-spring Kit

* 57510 x 2 - ICON Series Rear Mono-tube Shocks