FJ Cruiser ICON Aluminum Lower Rear Trailing Arm Kit 07-2014

Item# ICON-54000
These Billet Aluminum Rear Trailing Arms for the Toyota FJ Cruiser are a great replacement for weak Factory Lower Links. These trailing arms are light and strong. They include 16T Rod Rod Ends that have a load rating of over 40,000lbs of pressure. These rear trailing arms will outlast the truck. They also includes a rebuildable Johnny Joint on the axle side for excellent articulations and minimal deflection.

Technical Specs

On truck Adjustability using ICON's pinch housing"

JM16T Rod End and Johnny Joint pivots, for excellent strength and longevity

Replaceable Nylon Rock Slider protects link and allows for not stick wheeling

ICON Vehicle Dynamics' Life Time Warranty

100% Made in the USA