FJ Cruiser ICON Stage 2 Suspension System 07-2014

Item# K53052
This Second Stage suspension system for the 2007-2014 FJ Cruiser uses the same components as the Stage One system with a few simple changes and additions. The Coil-over shocks used in this system are the Extended Travel Versions, they offer more wheel travel and will enhance your on and off-road performance even more so than the standard travel versions. Since these shocks do have more suspension travel they require the use of our Billet Upper Control Arm Kit. These arms can withstand much more articulation than the factory arms and are even adjustable for caster and camber. Recommended tire size 285/75R16, wheel 16X8 with 5" back spacing.

Stage 2 System Contents

* 58550 - Billet Upper Control Arm Kit

* 58645 - Extended Travel Adjustable Coil-over Shock Kit

* 52700 - 2" Lift Rear Coil-spring Kit

* 57510 x 2 - ICON Series Rear Mono-tube Shocks