FJ Cruiser ICON Stage 4 Suspension System 07-2014

Item# ICON-53044
The Stage 4 suspension system for the 2007-2014 FJ Cruiser is a entire new level of suspension. The front suspension is similar to the Stage one, two and three systems. The rear suspension is really where the difference is going to be seen and felt. The rear springs in the system give the FJ Cruiser 2" of lift and the rear links help manage that suspension to cycle properly. The biggest improvement in the system compared to the other three is the 2.5" Diameter Rear Piggyback Shocks. These shocks are tuned specifically to give your FJ and balanced and smooth ride quality. These shocks have a built in bump zone to increase your compression valving and the final two inches of up travel, this prevents the harsh bottom out sensation and gives the vehicle a much more controlled ride quality. Recommended tire size 285/75R16, wheel 16X8 with 5" back spacing.

Stage 4 System Contents

*58550 - Billet Upper Control Arm Kit

*58645 - Extended Travel Adjustable Coil-over Shock Kit

*52700 - 2" Lift Rear Coil-spring Kit

*57510-25 x 2 - ICON VS Series Rear PiggyBack Reservoir Shocks

*54000 - Billet Aluminum Lower Rear Trailing Arm Kit