SkyJacker FJ Cruiser 3" Coil Over Sspension

SkyJacker Platinum Series 3" Coil Over Suspension Install

Well, it's done!  We installed the SkyJacker 3" Coil Over Suspension Lift Kit.  It took us about 5 hours total to install it.  Time is greatly exaggerated due to outside influences  in the shop, but overall it was an extremely easy install.  As stated before, the only non-basic tool that we used was our lift.  With all of the things that we have going on at our site I decided that we will cheat on that one tool just to save time.  Below are some pictures that we took while we were installing the kit that may prove helpful, but again, the instructions from SkyJacker were excellent and no problems were found.

****You can click on any of the pictures to make them larger****


Putting the coil over together.

This is what it looks like when done!


Add The Top Plate and don't forget the spacers!


Add the bolts and your ready!



Bolt it up!


This is the most physical part of the whole install....using the supplied spanner wrench to make the 1.75 inches of thread in the highlighted area.  This will work your guns a little!


Rear install is easy as can be!

Just remove and replace!!

We'll get this thing out on the road as soon as we get our Nitto Mud Grappler Tires in!  Then we'll take it out in all conditions that we can find and report back.  It is already a much better and stiffer ride.  Check back for more info often!