FJ Cruiser SS Wrap Around Brush Guard W/Out Extensions 07-2014

Item# RW3001-T0202
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This guard has been buffed & polished to a mirror finish, and features horizontal light protection inserts for a more aggressive appearance. Only RealWheels offers FJ enthusiasts a LIFETIME Limited warranty, and the confidence of large diameter stainless steel construction. All guards will eventually encounter flying road debris, salt, bugs, off-road brush or other obstacles. Donít settle for chrome or paint over regular steel that can rust once even the smallest surface chips occur. Mounts easily with NO DRILLING required. This product does NOT affect the airbag sensors located in the front bumper. Features mounting locations for off-road lights. Lights not included. (No inserts) Inserts are the bars the go across the head light area. The picture shown has them but if you order this part number the will be excluded from the grille guard.